Monday, November 08, 2004

Monday's Ballad

“Abigail,” she said to me, “I want to marry him. I want to make babies with him and raise them with him… and it’s the first time I have ever fallen in love.” She was on the edge of tears because that suddenly was not going to happen.

I know, dear, I know.

Turns out love is painful and hard and you never learn any of that. You hear about the match made in heaven and the one bedroom cottage and the coincidences and kisses and everything in between. You hear about the fight about the blender and that one time when he thought he might want to be a trial attorney but you always wanted to live in the country.

But what about now? What about when we cry? When we become homesick for somewhere unknown? When we can only lay in grief?

How come we never heard about now?